We are a Norway based Consultancy company, specializing in Procurement and Purchasing solutions for multi-disciplinary industries, with clients and suppliers spanned across the world.
Procurement & Purchasing

We specialize in providing you with requested products and services, for your organization to thrive in a competitive market. 

Product Sourcing

After receiving our clients exact specification, we source strategically to provide you with reliable products, from our international network of suppliers.

Technical Inspections

We offer pre-shipment technical inspections on used products and equipment, based on recommended standards and requirements from our clients.

Trade Agreements & Processes

We take care of the paperwork, and use standardized International Trade Agreements for your utmost safety.

International Logistics

Having a network of reliable freight forwarders, we take care of shipping to your requested end destination. 

Translation & Interpretation

In a globalized world, communication is a necessity more than ever. We provide trained interpreters for a wide range of situations, such as meetings, overseas trips, and conferences.


We advise our prospective and existing clients, on both small, medium-sized and large procurement projects. We guide you through the whole process, from A to Z. Don't hesitate to contact us today for our competitive quotes.

Where to Meet us

Oscars gate 27
0352 Oslo

NO:  +47 483 05 444
IR.:   +98 912 1780089

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